Mini Golf Master

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Come play a fun round of mini golf! Play on a variety of minigolf courses that are animated by artificial physics and filled with obstacles. To unlock new stages, difficulty settings, and controls, perform at par or better. Every challenge has a unique control method. Can you complete the course under par?


  • Numerous levels
  • Virtual physics
  • Environments in three
  • Controls with a difficulty rating
  • Bright, vivid art


With the fewest number of strokes possible, place the ball in the hole. Par is the ideal stroke limit for each hole. It also has a maximum number of strokes. For two stars, you must meet the par; for three stars, you must perform below the par. To access more levels and environments, as well as medium and hard difficulty, you must finish the levels. There are many controls for each difficulty:

Easy: Use the left and right arrows to aim and the up and down arrows to adjust the strength. Strike the ball.

Medium: Use your left and right hands to aim, set your strength, and hit the ball by putting a stop to the power meter.

Hard: Choose the quarter for the angle meter, stop the angle meter to aim, choose the strength, and stop the power meter to strike the ball.

Angle and strength are shown by dots.

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