Snakes and Ladders

Image of Snakes and Ladders game
Avoid snakes and beat your rival.

Be the first person to the board's end while avoiding the snakes. Kids' board game snakes and ladders is a classic. It can be played against a friend or by yourself. The winning position at the end of the board is 100 boxes away. There are ladders in your way that will hasten your ascent as well as those nasty snakes that will eat your token and cause it to fall.


  • Classic board game
  • Play locally against your friends
  • Uplifting game
  • Cheerful style
  • Family friendly
  • Catchy soundtrack

How to Play

To move your piece, roll the dice; if you get a 6, you get an extra turn. Snakes will force you to descend, while ladders will get you to the top. The winner is the first person to cross the finish line. You must roll the exact dice that causes you to land in the box marked 100 in order to succeed. You will move backward if the dice result has any extra points.

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