Image of Battleships game

Negotiations are over! Let the bombs fall on your adversary's fleet to demonstrate your admiral tactics. In this variation of the popular board game, you must predict where each ship in the fleet of your adversary will be placed on the grid. You and your opponent will each fire three missiles in a turn. The winner will be the first to sink the final enemy ship.


  • Epic naval battle
  • Classic game design
  • Minimal strategy
  • Elegant graphics
  • Play computer opponents
  • Three varying degrees of difficulty


Try to determine where your opponent's ships are hidden by deploying your fleet in a grid. Both you and your opponent will have three missiles per turn. Select a cell on the grid, then release the missile. The bomb will fall into the water if you miss. If you hit a ship, keep bombing the cells around it until you have hit every module. Try to destroy all of the adversary's ships before he does.

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